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September 10, 2018
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September 18, 2018

YouTube nation is still Jimmy here we go specs 80s calm your nation’s number one sports consoled into business coming off Red Alert Friday easy winner on Memphis -28 Kind of free prediction for you NC double-a football today actually we’re red-hot and Seattle it football I think that’s four in a row now we’re gonna make a five.

So the only way to get it to jump on WWF it’s 80s calm or call that number below two six seven two seven nine five two nine zero put more money in your pockets every single day absolutely free!   Just like my shirt has but anyways we’re gonna jump right into here monster monster day for Jimmy’s team here. I love rippin the old team Benny stuff but anyways of around this cache they’ll go on a bottom smash the subscribe button as always give a thumbs up we almost broke 200 yesterday let’s break 200 today for you play for you Saturday September 15th!

if you’re new to this channel 5 expert handicappers click that description below takes you directly to their page as always we have a free prediction for you it is an NC double-a football three no top two your plays for Friday. I mean everybody just nothing but love coming from the clients after a huge huge huge Friday. I mean where do we start BC Lions CFL top to your winter minus three that’s right you guys that don’t know CFL all you got to do is take our advice. We have a CFL play for Saturday and the Calgary game all the players are already ready for Saturday we’re offering a $49.99 Saturday or $99 for Saturday and Sunday special on my team 3.

You know top tier plays we actually had the Mets on the money line as a dog nice easy winner and in Memphis as our Red Alert play – the 28th 20 and a half 30 whatever you had of that blowout winner and this is what we’re talking about put more money in your pockets every single day you know more than you had before you went to sleep and that’s our job here Bulldogs birthday so we’re gonna you know have a little good night for him but most importantly we got to get more content out there for you guys absolutely free!

Make sure you go over to the Facebook ghost pics 80s go to the Instagram Instagram at ghost pics 80s we’re putting out free content for every single day new cappers posting free plays every single day so make sure you go subscribe to this Facebook channel most importantly got a lot of free content coming out there for you in the facebook channel alright we are doing a red alert Saturday.

So there’s only two times that the ghost teams ran back-to-back red alerts and you know we were to a note in doing that I’m 45 and 9 in my red alert plays 45 and 7 in my solo red alert plays but the team is running the Riddler it plays this weekend or so sorry today for Saturday, we’re filming home very or filming this video very late on Friday but it’s Jack chase and who’s running it with you.

Yeah, Jack chase and Benny Jack’s over here with me dimes to 4 ok yeah so we’re confirming all floor or on the red alert so you definitely want to miss out on this hundred dollars right $100 $100 right over play jack with me so I’m just confirming with them and these guys have been dug in on this plate.

Dimes actually jumped in at the end on this play and he’s he’s all in for all these guys you know that want to jump under it or play are fully 100% confident with these plays that’s why they jump in on the place so hundred dollars gets that riddler play all of the other four handicappers but myself on it due to the fact that I had one today or yesterday for Friday I don’t like running back-to-back red alert plays at all. So I just don’t do that but anyways 44 or sorry 45 at 9 on all my red alert plays and we’re gonna make it you know one a no for Team Benny on his Riddler plays I want to know for Team Derek as they jump into this red alert play 44 Saturday.

Again hundred all a red alert play monster play of the week for these guys and you definitely don’t want to miss out on it all right 99 bucks gets my Saturday and Sunday playing simple $49.99 gets my Saturday I’ll take exactly what I have right now I have two plays in NCAA football I have one plane ants or Major League Baseball and I have one play in Canadian football that’s it that’s all you’re gonna get huge card for me you know overall but you know low volume as as far as sport wise but there’s definitely a lot of a lot of Units to be earned here on Saturday so if you want to get on board call that number below we’re still gonna get the video but are still going to get all the content on the side of the screen for you!

Monster monster Friday and I’ll make sure that you get a monster monster Saturday all right so you’re free play today we’re gonna jump right into it here I’m not overthinking this play Houston’s going to Texas Tech or there’s gonna be a ton of point score over and under said it 669 right now also Houston is actually favored in this game.

I don’t I I don’t necessarily like it a lot of people are judging off the big Arizona blowout Houston Houston is a different breed a different team when they play at Houston you know but overall you know just look at the stat line right now total yards given up an earned or start giving up and gained for Houston is over a thousand Texas Tech is gonna blow up.

They need a bounce-back day here I do like Texas Tech to possibly have a bounce-back day but I’m not overlooking the obvious there’s gonna be a ton of touchdowns in this game your free play today we are taking the Houston or sorry Houston at Texas Tech over 69 Major League Baseball play is still going on for a free play for Friday.

So I have no idea if that’s going to win or not but again 3 you know top tier plays for Jimmy team Jimmy and you know monster monster Friday and we you know thumbs up to all you guys that jumped on Team Jimmy I want all you guys to do a favor and just give a thumbs up if you truly appreciate all the hard work and content you’re a big winner on my Red Alert player Friday please give a thumbs up go back like share subscribe!

Go to the Facebook ghost pics 80s calm again you’re free play we’re taking the Houston or sorry Houston and Texas Tech over the 69 points again if you ever want to get linked up or have any other questions call that number below two six seven two seven nine five two nine zero and we’ll make sure you get you linked up with the hottest handicappers in the business doesn’t matter when anybody says we know they’re hey good luck god bless and grind on baby!

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