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September 15, 2018
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September 19, 2018

YouTube assuming every ghost fix 80s comm you nations don’t want sports get sold into business providing the the you know the probably the most free content out there for you as far as videos and every other social media site that we have right now!

Hover around this cache I’ll go to bottom five expert handicappers click the description below takes you directly to their page make sure you go give them same love as you always give me drop a thumbs up there drop a comment if you like to see more content or or whatever you want to see you know we’ll try to get that out there for you yesterday we got a free plate for you done on the Houston and Texas Tech over was a nice blowout winner we’re gonna make this video a little shorter today hit up hit majority of the recaps tomorrow,

I’m kind of out and about here but as always with a no more transparent handicappers whether we win whether we lose we let you know I’m that way when you get linked up with the service you know exactly what you’re getting involved with we wouldn’t hell of a lot more than we lose we put another couple lien videos out yesterday.

We we we did like aside on Boise but as it came through it’s really hard to play over there in Oklahoma State that’s why we didn’t lay anything on that game so we definitely didn’t pan out well with the lien on on Boise we and we also ton more videos go over the Facebook ghost pics ATS. You know we give a lot of good insight and information you know our our only goal here is to make you more successful sports better put more knowledge in your you know in your toolkit that way when you place your own bets on your side you know maybe we can help out or help you influence in the right direction every single day you know we don’t make videos to try and make you lose so if you like that please just give a thumbs up and we’re gonna jump right into it yes sir was a pushed day on our top tier place overall losing day for Team Jimmy as Benny says team Benny but we’re gonna bounce back.

Today wasn’t the worst day yesterday we went one-on-one in CFL and you know kind of what dropped this was our Major League Baseball play on the Cubs over when it was one nothing so like I said the Cubs the whole Cubs realm still circulates over us would had a great day if the Bama over would have hit we actually have pushed that out as a double top-tier play Bama and the over but Ole Miss legitimately scored one time and it was the first play of the game so very unfortunate.

Like I said not the worst day ever – one unit you know overall -1 so we’re gonna we’re gonna get after today we really tried the nightcap it yesterday with our CFL about 101 we used to sad Saskatchewan late and you know they kind of got upset there but Calgary had us nice early win we’re get right into it we’re gonna have a huge day today.

I have a huge underdog in Major League Baseball I have a top tier play in Major League Baseball today so to Major League Baseball plays and I have two NFL plays only way to get that is call me at two six seven two seven nine five two nine zero or go visit the freaking website go spics 80s calm again look in the description below if you want to free $60 over to Doc’s sports just click on that link it takes you directly to their $60 page go check out doc sport affiliates of DOC sports always you know looking looking at the best to learn from the best so go click on the in the description below takes you right over till affiliates it’s a free $60 right in your account.

You don’t even need it it’s no scam no nothing or you can always text word ghost GH OS T 2 2 9 0 2 2 everything’s in the description below you know of running affiliates with docs is it’s always a good thing hopefully I get to meet up with wait here next month but anyways let’s jump right into it here today I have two free plays free today and both will be documented and both are in the NFL again both will be documented here you know we give a lot of lean videos out a lot of you know prediction videos out and stuff but you know our free play videos are always 100% documented.

Alright so your free play starts out 1 o’clock Eastern Time everyone knows I’m a huge die-hard Eagles fan going over the Tampa Bay Ryan Fitzpatrick you know going up against old Nick Foles Nick Vick Nick Young Nick waters Nick white whatever everything Nicky Nick does it all and you know we have the opening line here a three over two under set a 45 a lot of people love and you know what they seen from Fitzpatrick last week against one of the worst defenses. I think the only other team with the worst difference than the Buccaneers or is that in Saints is the Buccaneers you know I I’m not truly overlooking this game I know the public I know where their money is at and it’s not Tampa Bay here you’re being fooled at the end of the day you have the number one fence in the NFL item in my perspective right now you’ve the number one coached team right now in the NFL and overall you know there’s not a better team right now as far as a whole.

Then the Philadelphia Eagles that that consistently gets the job done for you we picked on week one as a premium play to beat the Falcons and you know they got the job done for us and we – were coming right back to it what the Eagles – the three points is your first free play listen at the end of the day this is still Ryan’s with Ryan Fitzpatrick you’re gonna see turnovers here you’re gonna see pick six there’s no dropping back 10 15 yards scrambling around throwing 67 yard bombs to Mike Evans against this Eagles defense and you know the majority of public hates when we preach teams that you know we cheer for on the offense offs you know off of business-wise but in my perspective.

I’m not overlooking defense outweighs offense in the NFL on defense is a true value you know anytime you can get three or you can only let three happen instead of seven you know it’s a huge success in the NFL NFL and no one gets that job better done or the job done for you better when it comes to just three than seven then the Philadelphia Eagles so your first free play today, we’re taking Philly – the three points against the Buccaneers.

Do not jump on the public train and just think as Ryan’s Ryan Fitzpatrick ladies and gentlemen Ryan Fitzpatrick is not gonna slice up this Philadelphia Eagles defense Nick Foles will get his the Eagles will pound through that garbage defense and definitely put up some points today all right jumping right into free play number two again if you guys don’t agree I’m chopped comments Paul.

I’m always interacting with the guys don’t be negative about it just drop some pointers drop some comments in the comment section and you know let’s chat about it the forum page is coming over the ghost pics where we could do all this but at the end of the day this is still technically a forum you know we’re providing free content you know and and we want to make sure you guys are on board with us we’re 14 to 5 and NFL if you want my NFL plays today it’s $29.99.

Actually I’ll get my whole day pass for 20 anybody who jumps on my my NFL package today gets a free top tier play Major League Baseball and a premium section playing Major League Baseball that’s how we do work at ghost pics once you buy it the way it works here you buy it I get the email I’ll send the players right over to you or you just call my number in the description and I’ll give you the players right after you buy it.

We’re the number one customer service provided there’s no like gray area no scam like we talked directly with our customers all right free play number two we are going over to Pittsburgh all right so probably not public beddit public bet number one you know the Chiefs first the Steelers here we have a Kansas City team that plays phenomenal at home phenomenal home they’re traveling over to the Steelers Mike Tomlin definitely not happy with the performance against the [Music] the Browns but you know when you’re when you’re matching up against a Pittsburgh Steelers team you know who plays lights-out at home.

I’m doing one second I’m just researching one thing absolutely lights out at home yeah you know it truly doesn’t get better than that not only that you have James Conner was probably the hungriest running back right now trying to solidify a job here get bail out of here he wants to cry and complain about money get him out of the organization he’s replaceable Tom Brady’s not replaceable living on bill is replaceable you know.

Especially when you have talent like James Connor behind him I love Le’Veon Bell I think he’s one of the gifts most gifted athletes if you go check out one of my first podcast he really changed the game for running backs but at the end of the day James Connors still phenomenal running back and he’s doing this same or if not better than layup Bell right now so you know at the end of the day you want to cry and think you you know you deserves to be the richest man in the world go play for another team and I respect my comment on some of these decisions he’s making about levy on bail all right so your free play and then our second document of free play today we are taking the pittsburgh steelers – the four and a half points.

We’re gonna take it with Don I think we’re gonna need the hook here I think the Steelers are gonna come out and I think they’re gonna absolutely annihilate the Chiefs today I know is more of a bold prediction than it is a you know documented FreePlay but at the end of the day you know we have a hungry Pittsburgh Steeler team coming off a terrible loss. You know looking to hopefully get a Super Bowl for Big Ben as you know he’s on his way out Patrick Mahone is not gonna be ready for this aggressive Pittsburgh Steelers defense you know when Steelers are at home that the Terrible Towels are going and it gets this defense defense pumped up I love Tyree kill I love all the the Kansas City Chiefs skilled players but I don’t think it’s gonna be enough today I think at tonio Brown goes off I think James Connor goes off and I think there’s gonna be a lot of turnovers forced against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So again, double free play today both plays will be documented as well we’re taking the Philadelphia Eagles are taking both Pennsylvania teams not not a biased opinion at all either we have two top-tier plays both in NFL so Philadelphia Eagles – the three and then also the steers – four and a half if you love everything we do drop a comment give it thumbs up good luck god bless grind on baby

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