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September 9, 2018
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September 15, 2018

YouTube's Jimmy here at ghost pics ATS calm your nation's number one sports consoled into business you're number one NFL handicapper no doubt about it out there. First of all if you're new to cat Channel hover on this couch I'll go right here on the bottom and smash the subscribe button as always you know number one transfer handicappers like we always preach whether we win or whether we lose we always recap the games still watching the Packers game here I gave out a huge lien and a personal wager of mine which was on the Bears on the money line I told you the Bears were gonna get the job done.

Unfortunate for the Packers here it looks like Aaron Rodgers is gonna be done for the season I think that's an ACL injury or LCL injury but regardless uh you know that was one of my biggest wagers of the night the only reason why I didn't put it out as a free or as a premium stretch and play is due to the fact that it is Aaron Rodgers and he's got a lot to bounce back from but you know unfortunately looks like the Bears probably gonna roll here. I still a little bit early it looks like the Packers might actually get one here before the end of the second quarter but like I said if you guys are not subscribed to my channel and if you haven't tapped that belly you won't get the instant notifications every time I go live I gave a ton of free content today that were majority winners. I told you to take that the Jaguars which is one of my biggest liens today the Jaguars minus the three too many public betters on on say qualms Barkley and this sorry for my language sure but you know the the he had one run in the preseason for 39 yards you're going against the best defense in the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars and too many public betters all sharp action all expert action you know as ghost picks we are experts you know went to the Jaguars and was a nice easy winner but we had a clean sweep let's jump right into your free free or you recap for transparent we go over everything. Like I said whether we win or lose we swept two sports today Major League Baseball and NFL we actually hit the free play as well on the Saints over which hit in like the second quarter we had the Bengals plus the two points plus two one points wherever you had at and then we had the Ravens minuses seven and a half probably the two of the easiest bets you know that were winners for our paying customers.

But yeah so it was a nice easy sweep in NFL and then you know right in a major league baseball which was a top-tier play on the Ravens we only two top tier plays today like I said we're gonna dial back downward and drop down to it and our other top tier play was on the Cardinals on the money line a nice easy winner. Then we also had the Oakland A's over so nice to know Major League Baseball and then we had wmba was our only loss we had they over in that game. We thought Washington would actually score a little bit Seattle usually averages around in high 80s 90s they kind of you know fell off there towards the end but very low-scoring game overall very close and I think we're gonna see a bounce-back game three.

So we're seven and three our last 10 WNBA we're absolutely red-hot in our top tier plays and you know we want to keep this ball rolling so in order for me to do that when I get more people involved we're gonna get more people on the ghost picks team you gotta believe in us you know we have a lot of people are we have a ton of clients but most importantly we're gonna get a ton more clients we want to show you guys. I'm actually gonna put in this video somewhere I'm gonna try to put it a picture of Steve Stevens from VIP Sports big shout-out brother - how embarrassing he runs his company he claims as a multi millionaire billionaire commenting on chases videos. You know calling him a you know just a lot of very ignorant vulgar words and stuff like that you know we definitely don't condone.

You know the stuff he's saying and and how he runs his operations we quite frankly we don't care how he does it but we just want to see that the kind of class this guy has so we'll post the the the screen shot we have of him so a big shout out the Steve Stevens and how embarrassing you know he is when he when it comes to his stuff so keep doing your podcast keep keep monitoring ghost picks because you know we know we're doing big things here and if you ever want to become a client of ours just call the number two six seven two seven nine five two nine zero it's not an 800 number to resell numbers and go 5050 s like he probably does a little office there. But regardless thank you Steve Stevens for commenting on chases video but like I said make sure you subscribe to our channel as well as this cashflow on the bottom hit that subscribe button and always call me to six seven two seven nine five two nine zero.

We can get linked I can get you linked up with some real handicapping and we're gonna jump right into your free play here it's not gonna be a long video for the free play you know as always we preach if you're not being provided statistics do not take the pick there's cappers out there that can't pick their nose in football and you know football is our main sport we're 14 and I'm personally my team is 14 and 3 and NFL football right now we're hammering down an NFL football and we're putting a ton of money in our clients pockets and that's what we're here to do what did I tell you guys I told you the Chicago Bears we're gonna beat the Green Bay Packers and everyone you know we have trolls saying you're crazy. They're gonna get blown out yada yada yada well as we see here the trend in this game so far it looks like the Packers are gonna lose so we're dialed in and we told you the Dolphins were gonna beat the Titans every lien I think but one was was almost on point and then we almost gave a free lien up for every game and only when we lost was the Steelers because it was a torrential downpour. But you know let's get right into it so here's your promos for the day I'm offering a 599 season-long and NFL package this is the cheapest I've ever I've ever dropped down with the NFL package you're get the entire major league baseball package so $5.99 gets my NFL package 14 and 3 and the rest of my major league baseball season package.

I'm offering a $99 full week top-tier play as well this is the last time I'm ever gonna run this I usually get a ton of clientele when I run this so $99 gets my entire week of top-tier plays. I mean you don't want to miss out on that and here's my last package before we hit our free player free play is really easy to talk about Jack Attack whatever you want to call him. He went five and one today and he's on fire he's the hottest capper right now for the ghost picks team besides myself but I don't promote myself this is my channel you guys know what I'm about i I'm transparent as you know as they come. I tell you whether I win or whether I lose it doesn't matter every game we swept two sports today NFL Major League Baseball we drop WNBA but we're seven in three our last ten seventy percent wmb our last ten twenty two and nine total for WNBA since you start picking it up but here we go!

Jack is five on one yesterday he ran a huge promo and I'm gonna allow it one more day not a lot of people think that it's one more day and I don't know if Jack's gonna promote it one more day but I'm going to so Jack's one more one more day you can get on Jack's full week everything he puts out for $99 Jack is the hottest capper right now in ghost pics besides myself but again.... So the big packages I'm runnin $99 talk to your weak Jack's Rona $99 every sport possible week there are every sport every play for a full week and then I'm also running a $5.99 all season long NFL same sport that I'm 14 and 3 and right now including preseason and we have just dialed in and locked in I have a huge consensus play coming out for you guys shortly but my free play for Monday September 10th is a major league baseball and right now we're just gonna hit it the drums going against Jeff Brigham he's just you know degrom is my favorite player in Major League Baseball I think he deserves every award possible when it comes not only does he he pitch and shutout teams but he also scores majority that runs for the Mets. When he actually bets so don't overthink this we have a high money light here - 148 I like them on the run line but you're free played today we're gonna play it safe we're gonna continue to build this free play record we're gonna lay the 148 on to New York Mets against Jeff Brigham and the Miami Marlins you know Brigham's only he's pitched three innings gave up four hits four walks. This guy's a disastrous mess 148 is an absolute joke gimme Jacob degrom and the Mets on the run line but you're for a free play we're gonna take him on the money line!

Absolutely love this free place so your free plays the next murder on the money line - the 148 if this is like a typo with Las Vegas insider which you know I wouldn't doubt it because it just looks really really weird let me double check it one more time and you know as always any if you have any questions call the number on the screen below here. You know, I make sure I take care of all the clients I make sure we take care of absolutely everything when it comes to you know making sure our customers customers are taken care of so we got the Mets against the Marlins yeah - 148 right now that's what it opened at and that's what it's currently sitting at I'm bet online as well so take the Mets - the 148 and we will get back to you tomorrow with a free pic video for NFL we have one plane NFL - in Major League Baseball as always good luck god bless and grind on!

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