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August 23, 2018
Free MLB Play 9-10-2018 ATS Ghost Picks
September 10, 2018

YouTube, Jimmy here we go specs 80s calm your number one sports consultant transparent handicappers in the business as always if you’re new to ghost pics we five expert handicappers click that description below takes you exactly to their page and most importantly more free plays every single day like I said if you’re new to channel make sure you smash that subscribe button hover around that cache so go on the bottom as we are the number one transparent handicappers best customer service provided handicappers into business whether we win whether we lose we tell you exactly what our plays are so you know exactly what you’re getting involved when it comes to our sports service we have we do a hell of a lot more women than we do losing we’re on a nice little free pick run here and we want to continue that today with another free pick for you for saturday college football big day but we’re gonna continue to ride with major league baseball.

Like i said there’s a lot of other services out there that think they now football and stuff but can’t pick their nose because it’s way too early to be throwing out all kinds of plays and football and all these other crazy stuff but we’re crushing football right now we are absolutely dominating football eleven and three and NFL alone and we’re fourteen and six total overall including NC double-a football so if you want to get linked up. I’m offering a one-day promo and that is for today Saturday September 8th we’re gonna do that we’re gonna start this video off right with the promo it’s $7.99 either sport full season long so if you want to get NC double-a football including Major League Baseball full season $7.99 or if you want to get linked up with my NFL and my major league baseball the rest of the season all the way to the end of Super Bowls. $7.99 the only way to get these packages cuz it’s a one-day promo is to call this number below it’s my personal cell phone number it’s not the scamming stuff where you’re gonna get other calls everybody that knows that you’ve been with ghost pics we don’t do all these other crazy we just give you our cell phone number we don’t need you to text win big text this that and a third because your numbers just being sold this is my personal cell two six seven two seven nine five two nine zero so make sure you call that number and I will make sure you get it and I’ll even throw on cheaper for if you do combine them so if you do if you combine n CW football NFL we’ll go $12.99 for the full season of both so there’s my intro to the video nice little love especially with Darren times he’s a personal trainer so my man.

Derek Dime’s his shirt on can you fit baby we do have t-shirts coming out for the ghost pics team there’s three that are coming out they’re dimes is this coming out Bennie’s is coming out team Benny as he always promotes he’s a he’s one of the best campers in the business screw being on the ghost team he’s one of the best campers in the business and then obviously I have a ghost picks one coming out so make sure you stay tuned for that and get all the ghost pick stuff anybody buys over 500 package it will be put in your package straight to you anyways alright I have a free play for you Major League Baseball like I said we’re on a nice free pick run we want to continue to build because I believe our free picks you know is pretty much what established us here as a handicap in service I’ve been up and down lately not a lot a lot of losers now you know big streaks but we want to make that big streak happen again give a nice free pick for you today again we’re gonna touch on oh you have the transparency here let’s go over read another winning day in our top tier place we put all three doesn’t most I put out in a long time and top to your place we got burnt in the ninth-inning by by the Cardinals but we hit a monster easy when affordable place Nell and the Tampa Bay Rays and then also what another easy winner in college football with TCU – the 22 and a half – whatever whatever didn’t matter whatever the points was TC was gonna blow them out they struggled in the first half it was a nice little you know away trip for them for the couple freshmen but you guys should know the first half Betts was a gimmick it was it was at 13 and a half for TCU I actually personally took it on the under I took SMU plus two points first half but I took TCU to win the game overall in a blowout which was one of the easiest plays and also we gave out a lot of liens to our big betters on the under you guys got to really pay attention to the public here the public’s ride overs a lot of the public’s ride over is the true cappers understand what it take to over and under a lot of origin games a lot of people ride to overs you just got to understand the true capping in comparison to just sitting down looking at a game for five minutes true coppers are not gonna always harp on the over like they do in their free pick videos you know you got to understand football and you know first opening games and things of that nature especially talent level with SMU they’re terrible anyways.

yada yada yada yo y’all you guys already know if a guy can’t pick his nose in a free play and in football and we’re you know we’re already hidden we too probably probably shouldn’t take place from especially if they’re charging three thousand dollars a month it’s it’s absolutely a scam gimmick fraud and by the way we’re not gonna continue to give you more hints on you know what not to do it other handicapped service we post a video there for you we really hope you take it into consideration but we’re gonna keep this as professional as possible and keep it strictly to sports we’re not calling out any sports service in particular we just want to make sure that you guys are not scammed and that’s the only reason why I give you guys a lot of hints on the certain scammers out there.

Alright so promos for today $49.99 gets everything my CFL guys locked and loaded we are phenomenal in CFL right now and we want to continue to roll right now CFL think we’re five and one last six and we want to continue to roll CFL has been hot wmba has been hot we did drop WNBA today we took Washington they did get their butts blown off in Cialis cialis kind of been struggling here thought Washington put up a better fight here but were seven in to our last nine.

WNBA looking forward to the next game here so beats being tuned for WNBA 1999 for a WNBA plays we offer the cheapest. WNBA plays and we’re probably hot us out there Indian Cowboys pretty hot and it’s WNBA I don’t mind telling other coppers are hot and they’re doing good they pop more power to them and we don’t ever deny that and he’s transparent and real. Alright, so $49.99 gets my full day card here for Saturday I got to NCAA football and I probably have to CFL.

I know we’ve won locked and loaded ready to go and and I think we’ll have another place so possibly three NCAA football we don’t want to go too crazy here it’s week two a lot of weird crazy lines but I know we’ve been playing the Duke game we’ve been playing the Oklahoma game and potentially more game in the late game or what more playing the late game so definitely wanna get him on board.
Again, another huge top tier wedding day our top tier plays have been phenomenal two days ago we dropped two of them in the ninth innings but other than that this month been great and we want to continue that trend here last month we were actually plus 13 not 13 units plus 13 in total record for top tier plays and use those same games you know we we suggest seven to ten units on so that’s a ton of positive money last last month alone in our top tier place and I offer these plays for 999 dollars for an entire month but Benny my hottest capper is joining me so you’re gonna get a free top tier month plus all of our plays together if you get on the duo so Benny and Jimmy full capper month nine hundred ninety nine dollars this is a huge discount.

You got to get on board again go all the way back in the beginning if you missed my NFL and n-c-double-a football I’m special that I’m running it’s a one-day special Saturday only you can only get it our players are locked and loaded ready to go everything’s done but CFM waiting on my guy and we’ll be ready to go free play.

All right Julio Tehran’s going up against clay buckles bolt these offense offenses have been struggling and Game four they played okay and actually got some bats roll in there but overall this series how did the five games that played only ones gone over the posted total eight clay.

Buckholtz is actually his his er a post all-star break is absolutely phenomenal he’s seven and set or three and OH at home by the way so there’s a huge lien on on the Diamondbacks post all-star break he’s five in one board one point six nine ER a Tehran is the only thing that scares me here he did have a game against the Braves by the way I’m still a little sick that’s why my voice sounds like this he’s want to know against not the Braves he’s won an O against the Diamondbacks six in each pitch with no earned runs like I said away he struggles 4.36 tra 5 & 5.

He walks a ton of batters and it gets to his head once he starts walking these batters and we’ve some of these players at Goldman some of these big batters you know for the Diamondbacks they’re capable of going yard had any at any time so I want to fade the the Braves here really bad but they still need a win I think it’s gonna be one of those drought games.

We’re waiting to see it run happen here and there maybe you know a two run homer cuz I’ll have a walk-on there but at the end they were not seeing nine runs here you’re free play take the under Tehran has been pitching absolutely lights out Clay Buchholz hasn’t given up more than three runs in over a month like I said the only thing that scares me in this game is you know how capable Tehran is or how susceptible he is to given up a lot of those walks which are you know costly towards the end of it but your free play it’s gonna be on the under in the Arizona Diamondbacks Atlanta Braves game we might bust ten minutes here but I’m not gonna put all the stuff up on the side like I said I’m still a little sick tonight and I got a lot of free content for you guys tomorrow we’ll be going live we’ll have a lot of great content for you we got our free play for you excuse me on the Phillies yesterday we hammered the Tampa Bay Rays on the I guess we didn’t really touch on all of our games we hammered the Tampa Bay Rays on the run line against Baltimore Baltimore and a lot of guys sitting which is another reason why you know we really preach our customer service here it’s because once we notify you know these lineup changes you know occur sometimes only an hour before the game and what we see in that blade still on the mound plus the over was rising we knew that was a significant laya you know take that Tampa Bay Rays to be the Tampa Bay Rays as a top tier play Ron line which was a nice easy winner and then we had TCU – the 22 23 whatever it was that has a top tier winner so like I said our footballs phenomenal lately I think we’re probably the best out there right now football we’ve been selling premium plays we’ve sold our preseason which we’ve heard heard nine and three and NFL preseason so you’ll want to get on board with the top you know NFL cappers football campers and we preach this we preach this prior to football – one or sorry two six seven two seven nine five two nine zero I’m actually gonna get some stuff on here on the side maybe I definitely want to get you guys involved and linked up with a package for this weekend so with that being said 49.99 gets my entire day and then also 999 a great savings about 30 bucks gets my Saturday and Sunday full car top tier plays everything I release $79.99 gets my next two days.

$49.99 gets just Saturday alone we understand the the normal public out there we don’t overcharge overcharging is for scammers that can’t even pick free picks so yeah we want to make sure you guys get on board here Braves and Arizona Diamondbacks free play is on the under 8 and I think that’s it we have a huge lean tomorrow on dog which will be on the Colorado Rockies to get the job done against the Dodgers with a little bit of Plus money there for you and then that should be it I know jack is oh yeah last promo Jack is running his full week-long special tomorrow and he’s gonna run it one more day because he he almost swept again he won four and one should have been 5 I know but he he’s murdering it and we want to get you guys involved with Jack I’m so for 99 bucks get on Jack’s package the old Jack Attack so if you want to get on Jack’s package just go on the website it’s right there on the front page and you can get linked up we’re always getting new stuff here got a new microphone hopefully it works well but yeah we will be going live tomorrow we have got a lot of great giveaway stuff in November we will be in Philly we were supposed to do the volunteering stuff we offered about a month month and a half ago we did a fundraiser for charity for the Philadelphia Special Olympics which we’re still following through with it’s just it’s it’s hard trying to get everybody together and plus we’re trying to get a family member up there we’re gonna go October 27th up to the volleyball but we’re actually gonna go to the November 1 I think it’s a plunge ice plunge so we’ll have an ice free content for you there you know we’re gonna do some donations at a charity for the fillings and then after December well actually gonna start raising money for chases event which is for one of the things out there that deals with the believe baseball so definitely when I get linked up we truly appreciate one who also donated that half ago we were just wanted to kind of touch base on that but um yeah so we will be back in Philly in about a month month and a half for some charity stuff so if you guys ever want to get linked up with us and go actually volunteer with us I’m just let us know in the comment section we can all we always make that happen but a truly appreciate everyone who watches our videos every single day.

Makes me happy that everyone watches gives thumbs up and drops comments sometimes hateful hatred comments sometimes good comments but you know let’s continue is free pink Run For You let’s say Diamondbacks on the under I would live about a 3 G’s here if you’re just watching it now because you’retrying to just get the free play scroll all the way back to the beginning I did give a free or sorry I’m giving a huge discount on my my my football package we’re absolutely ran out of football and smashed a subscribe button please please please I bored you enough for 15 minutes good luck god bless and grind on baby!

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