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  • Professional poker play. Not only do I live in the world of odds, I study to beat them daily. 


  • We will be adding our 2023 numbers here for yal! 

"Sports Handicapping is a skill that only a few can master and have the guts to indulge and DEDICATE everything into."


Welcome sports fans! GP James here and first off, I want to thank everyone for coming to my page. I am a father first, then my life revolves around research and data. I’ve played poker and watched teams try to cover the spread since I was 4 years old. Growing up in Las Vegas taught me the angles and exploits at an early age that most people never learn. Deviating away from “standard procedures” and finding edges is an obsession for me. We do not force any picks, and anything we release WILL be on our card. Let me introduce you to my partner Tommy.


Welcome bettors, my name is Tommy, a former Quarterback scout that provides weekly edges in both American and world Football. If you're a Tennis fan, I will be the man to lean on all season, firm handshakes. Let's win TOGETHER. 

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