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Benny is a grinder. Growing up in a big family Benny didnt have things handed to him he had to go out and get it on his own. Sports has always been a major part in his life. He dabbled in Sports journalism in college where he found the thrill of sports betting and realized the opportunity he had to prosper in the field. Very quickly he learned how capping sports could benefit him and his family and he never looked back. He got involved with a local bookmaker who showed him the ropes and hes been researching and capping ever since. He has a great little personal team behind him that constantly keeps information flowing. His instinct on top of his knowledge, research, and camera personality makes him an expert handicapper viewers cant deny. Started from the bottom now we here.

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Closing record of 2018
(13-4 Top Tier) 27-10 overall

Top tier +45 unit
Prem +24 unit