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Husband , Father , Handicapper , & Down right sports “Expert” !

Chase began handicapping sports in the early 00’s . He began to take it more serious in his college years . Realizing that his gift of numbers and finance , mixed with his obsession , & wealth of knowledge in  sports , & his determination for winning were a true recipe for success . Chase began to build his bankroll and the bankroll of friends and business associates alike . Always an Entrepreneur at heart . Chase started his first business at the young age of 23 . After selling his portion 2 years later to his business partner , he took 1 year off to focus on family and also Full-Time handicapping and wagering on sports . He started to really study the ins and outs of the sports gambling industry . Realizing that he was not impressed with the majority of things that happened in the industry . He decided to keep everything to himself , and only for his wagering purposes . A life long athlete , yet talented business professional . He was destined to mix his love and knowledge of sports into his day to day business ventures . Fast Forward to 2016 . Chase Crosses paths with another up and coming Handicapper named “Jimmy” . A company then Formed . “Ghost Picks ATS” Jimmy had a vision , and he also had his eye on Chase . After almost 2 years of scouting and seeing the proof and enormous knowledge Chase held . Jimmy , & Chase sealed the deal right before the start of the 2018 MLB season . Chase officially became an exclusive handicapper for the #1 up an coming sports service in the industry . Chase specializes in all of the Major sports . NFL , NCAA FB , NCAA Basketball , NBA , NHL , and his personal favorite MLB . Chase is a Life-Long DIE HARD “Chicago Cubs” Fan and overall Baseball NUT . He’s a true Purest of the game , & its rich History . He often attends more than 30 MLB games a year and if Baseball “History” was a college Major , he would be your Professor . Chase Holds significant winning records in all of his sports , spanning the last 7+ years . A successful Handicapper , gambler , business man , and investor . Chase will lead you to the winners circle . Affordable Pricing , exceptional customer service , Money management tips , and consistent winners . That’s what Chase , & Ghost Picks brings to the table EVERYDAY !!

Good Luck & Grind on !

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