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Welcome to GHOST PICKS ATS. I created this site after I found the perfect algorithm to handicap games. I’m a 31 year old man with a “players” mentality when it comes to sports. A small background on me; I played some college ball and was an extremely successful athlete. I grew up idolizing all Philadelphia Sports programs!

My true handicapping skills came into play when I decided it was time to sit down a really CAP a game. I was SICK OF LOOSING! My best performance was the 2017 NFL Playoffs when I took an 11-1 run with a 2-0 follow on the Super Bowl!

My philsophy is simple. This is a long term investment and we will always BEAT THE JUICE. Never… EVER go more then 20% of your bankroll on a game! Play smart and trust in the Ghost!

My vision is simple, logical, clear and best of all AFFORDABLE! I want to be the BEST service who provides the CHEAPEST predictions for my customers! We will have 1-10 FEEE DAILY plays!

GRAB AN EXPERT PACKAGE, change your life and grid on with GHOST PICKS! Thanks for subscribing and as always… GOOD LUCK!


Ghost Picks Jimmy

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