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Ghost Picks Jimmy, the founder and CEO of Ghost Picks ATS. A professional sports consultant who provides you the data and math model with a breakdown of daily sports wagering. Welcome to the winning team, good luck - god bless - and grind on.

Credibility: Over 1.5 Million YouTube Views. One of the top viewed DAILY sports services. * Over 7,000 YouTube Subscribers.

Best Run:My best performance was the 2017 NFL Playoffs when I took an 11-1 run with a 2-0 follow on the Super Bowl (+7,089).

Best Season: CFL 2018: 54-16 Season 76% 2 units each, opening season. (+7,280)

Best Season ROI: 2017 NHL 143-51 = 73% 3 units each first season. (+$14,510)

My vision is simple, logical, clear and best of all affordable! I want to be the best sports service who provides detailed consultitation and transparency for my customers! We will have 1-10 FREE DAILY plays on our social media platforms!

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Ghost Picks Jimmy