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Benny is on a Roll This Week! Huge Promo Today! MLB FREE PLAY!

3-1 Monday

4-0 Sweep on Tuesday! Let's Get it!

Benny is on a roll to start the week! Benny 2-0 on MLB Big Plays (Big Benny Bets) This Weekend! 3-1 Monday to start the week! Benny followed up Monday with a 4-0 Day on Premium Picks on Tuesday! Bang Bang!

HUGE PROMO FOR TODAY! Jump on the rest of May (17 Days) for $101 Flat! $100 for the month of May + $1 for Good Luck! It's important to keep Lady Luck on our side! $101 for the rest of the month! This promo is unbeatable! It breaks down to under $6 a day! All Sports/All Plays! The Deal is available until midnight eastern time tonight!

Benny Month Special: $101

Rest of May (all sports/all plays) - Red Alerts Included! UFC Included! Jump on with Benny the Hot Capper! The Hot Hand! Let's Get It! 17 Days (under $6 a day) Promo ends at midnight!

If you want to check out the cappers and what they are giving away, here are the links to all their channels.

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NBA/NHL Playoff Special: $50

Join Benny for the rest of NBA & NHL Playoffs Today for $50! Benny is on Fire!

Wild Wednesday: $14.99

All Plays Wednesday - Select Benny as your Capper! Ride the Hot Hand!

Blog Free Play:


7:40pm ET

New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins

Let's go Underdog Tonight!

Free Play: New York Yankees (ML)

(+114) line taken from Draftkings!



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