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More Benny W's on Wednesday! Jump On Tonight Baby! NHL FREE PLAY!

More Benny W's on Wednesday! 3-1 Day! Shine that light on me baby! Let's Jelly Roll into Super Bowl Weekend and hammer out wins every day! It's Show Time! All Benny action starts at 7pm Eastern Time Tonight! Jump on Dub Day Thursday Today or get an early jump on Super Bowl Weekend with Ben Dog!

If you have not purchased Benny's Super Bowl Special yet now is the time! Benny will have 1 Big Play for Super Bowl Sunday as well as prop plays to have some fun with! This NFL Season has been a great one, and we are looking to finish with a big bang!

Benny Super Bowl Special: $19.89

Join Benny for the big day! Jump on any time this week leading up to Super Bowl Sunday!

The Following Promos are Bangers! Full of Value!

Benny February: $200

Jump on the rest of February with Benny - All Sports/All Plays - Red Alerts Included! UFC Included! Huge Value!

Benny NCAAB Season: $150

It's Basketball Time! Jump on now as we heat up in college basketball!

Full Remainder of NCAAB Season - ALL March Madness Included! Huge Value!

Benny Ball Month: $111

30 Days from time of purchase - All NBA & NCAAB Plays - Red Alerts Included in both sports! Benny is getting hot in hoops! Now is the time to jump on!

Super Bowl Week is Now! Join Benny for the rest of the week for today's Highlighted Promo! Today - Sunday (All Sports/All Plays) - Red Alerts Included! UFC Included (Sat.)! Benny's Super Bowl Special Included as Well! All packaged up into 1 bundle! LFG!


Today - Super Bowl Sunday (All Sports/All Plays) - Red Alerts Included! UFC Included on Saturday! Benny's Super Bowl Special Included! Jump on now to finish the big week! SUPER BOWL BABY!


All Plays Thursday - Select Benny - 2 NHL, 2 NBA, 1 NCAAB! Plays start at 7pm ET! LFG!

If you want to check out the cappers and what they are giving away, here are the links to all their channels.

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Blog Free Play:


7pm ET

Colorado Avalanche vs Carolina Hurricanes

Let's get back on the board with a plus money dawg!

Free Play: Colorado Avalanche (ML)

(+114) line taken from Draftkings



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