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thunder vs mavericks game 4 prediction Monday

What a series we have going on here between Dallas and OKC. Dallas grabs another win at home here as they will be testing the Thunders adversity here tonight for game 4. I think we have to look at some angles here in this game. Shai has been having big games vs the no defense Mavs and I expect similar results again here in game 4. During our live stream today we talked about taking his points or RPA and the best choice here is the RPA. I think he will hit his points anyway, but his minutes per game just give us the push on him getting the extra push we need with the other stats. Even when Shai isn't getting in the 30's for points his boards and assists are WAY up. I think this Dallas team crumbles today and Shai and gang step up and get it done.

Play: Shai OVER RPA 44.5

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Let's have a day and drop a like if your tailing. Cheers.


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